Week of Reunions! This has been a very special week. We returned to Brothers for the first time this season, and our beloved Judith from Submaldives has come back to Egypt with us after almost 20 years since her departure.

This week we had the pleasure of sharing it with people who came from different parts of the world: Spain (Peninsula, Balearic Islands, and Canary Islands), Mexico, and Argentina.

We started the week in Ras Mohammed and quickly set sail for the Brothers Islands. We had the privilege of being very close to some very curious Hammerhead Sharks and also some Thresher Sharks. Furthermore, this week the waters were crystal clear and the temperature was excellent.

We arrived in Safaga to explore the majestic Salem Express, a dive that never disappoints. Our next stop took us to one of the most spectacular dives in years. At the Ghiannis D, we were diving with a huge group of dolphins that stayed with us until the end of our dive, creating images that will remain etched in our memories forever.

We cannot miss our obligatory visit to Thistlegorm where, in addition to diving alone, we once again enjoyed snorkeling with our family of dolphins.

We finished the week at Ras Mohammed, feeling that the week had gone by too quickly. Thank you very much for sharing this wonderful week of diving and laughter with us.

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