When you bring together people who share the same passion, special weeks like this one arise, where a group of Spaniards accompanied us along with friends who have come from Austria, Dubai, Argentina, Sweden and Egypt.

It has been great to see how, from the second day onwards, this disparate mix of divers seemed to have known each other all their lives!

Felipe Ravina has also accompanied us with whom we have had the opportunity to learn about underwater video techniques and about the conservation and protection of the environment.

During the week our divers have explored the remains of a total of 9 wrecks; The Carnatic, Ullyses, Giannis D, Marcus, Dunraven, Thistlegorm, Barge, Yolanda and Kingston along with the TOP dives in the Ras Mohammed national park where turtles, schools of fish, dolphins, eagel rays, moray eels... have been accompanying us in various occasions. The final touch was our visit to the island of Gubal where we were able to enjoy a sunset over the Red Sea.
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