We are back after enjoying one more week of the underwater wonders that the Red Sea gives us. This time, discovering the Daedalus and Elphinstone reefs, along with the Sáfaga area and the overwhelming Salem Express wreck.

Although the wind did not want to make it easy for us, we were able to dive comfortably in the different reefs in the area, which have given us great encounters with longimanus, hammerhead and silky sharks.

Life on the reef and the explosion of color have overwhelmed us, enjoying large schools of different species of fish accompanied by napoleons, barracudas and a special pair of turtles that have delighted us with their courtship dance, something that without a doubt, It is not something we can enjoy every week.

Adventurers from all over Spain have joined this expedition, some of them already regular members of the family who, trip after trip, meet once again on board with new members of this great community. Thank you for your trust and for continuing to travel with us!
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