The boat this week has been filled with #GirlPower! It has been brutal how the cookies have come together and, captained by Vito, have revolutionized the boat with their laughter and jokes day after day! The guys from Angels of the Sea have not been left behind either and with them the good vibes have been guaranteed.

#COP27 made us change our plans and take the Wreck & Reef Route, where our friends really enjoyed what they called the junkyard and dived in wrecks like the Ghiannis D, Marcus, Barge and the SS. Thistlegorm… Our unconditional friends, the dolphins, did not miss their weekly appointment. Nor the turtles, rays and even the very close encounter with a Silky Shark in the Ras Mohammed national park.

But as usual, the adventure does not end here and our group travels to Cairo to continue exploring part of the wonders of ancient Egypt.

Thank you for this special week, for your good vibes and above all for your trust. It's our turn to regain strength and prepare ourselves because this week it's time for a double!
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