We start the week with our Alicantina family from Aquaventura. We have been together for so many years that the annual reunion is a very marked date on our calendar. We start the week by going up to the North visiting the Strait of Tiran, and the first night heading to Dahab where a day and a half of amazing diving awaits us.

We visited the world-famous Blue Hole and the Canyon, and explored practically virgin reefs with gorgonians of enormous dimensions. We stopped at the Million Hope with its imposing crane before enjoying Ras Mohammed in all its splendor and rounded off the week with the Thistlegorm and a full day of wrecks.

As always, it has been a week full of laughter where our GMMR group has enjoyed putting all the participants to the test and where our dear Jose has emerged as a worthy winner. Sad to say goodbye but knowing that we will soon have you back on board for one more adventure.
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