This time, for our second week of Friends & Family we headed to the remote Brothers Islands. The different encounters with sharks: Whitetip reef shark, grey reef shark, hammerhead shark and thresher shark boosted the adrenaline level of our diving friends.

We were also able to fulfill the dream of some of our adventure companions, by doing two dives in the overwhelming Salem Express wreck, also known as the wreck of a thousand voices.

This week has been non-stop of emotions! Heading to the SS. Thistlegorm, our captain notified us of the sighting of a whale shark on the surface. It was definitely amazing! Already on our night, we were surprised by a school of Jack Fish and a devil manta. An epic night that gave us scenes worthy of National Geographic.

And since they couldn't miss their weekly appointment with NEXTGEN Diving Travel, the dolphins kept us very entertained while they played with each other and began their courtship ritual in front of us.

Adventures, moments of excitement and dreams fulfilled, but above all, for us, the best thing about this week has been the reunion with our Canarian, Catalan and Andalusian friends who have made this week even more perfect.
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