We arrived at the end of the week, with another group that is now family. Leaving endless experiences and adventures, visiting the Brothers, the Sáfaga area, our spectacular wrecks, and the Ras Mohammed National Park with the company of old friends from Madrid, Catalonia, Zaragoza, Navarra and Mallorca.

Let's start the week visiting the always incredible Shark & ​​Yolanda Reef, and then head to Brothers. For another week the wind wanted to be our faithful travel companion, but this did not diminish the desire of our intrepid visitors to venture to explore these waters, we were rewarded with the visit of a shy longuimanus shark and a gray shark.
We return to visit the Salem Express in Safaga, a wreck that, due to both its dimensions and sad history, leaves your heart in a fist, but promises to be one of the most memorable dives of the week. Despite the large number of visits by our friends to the waters of the Red Sea, for many it has been the first visit to this majestic wreck.

We continued heading north and stopped to sleep and dive in Gubal, the Barge is a dive that never disappoints, the spectacular moray eels from the wreck made an appearance. Next stop Thistlegorm, it's the moment everyone is looking forward to. We started with a mid-afternoon dive enjoying the tanks, the cannon, the anti-aircraft…. The noises of the dolphins accompany us throughout the dive as if they knew that we would soon come to their appointment... before sunset we make our usual visit to our beloved family of dolphins who live in the area so that they can do wonders for everyone, without Without a doubt one of the best experiences that every sea lover dreams of achieving, the complicity that these animals make us feel is something out of the ordinary. 

We arrive at the long-awaited night of the Thisltlegorm, a guarantee in all aspects, darkness plays a fundamental role in giving that touch of mystery when visiting its wineries, the final walk along the deck before making the safety stop is another of the points that will surely remain in the retina of our intrepid friends.
The end of our week is approaching and we return to Ras Mohammed to do our last day of diving and be able to sleep near a paradisiacal spit of white sand where we will enjoy together a day of sun, laughter and a very “typical Spanish” vermouth with sausages and very fresh beers.

It has been a wonderful week, how nice it is to see old friends again, make new ones, and share what we like to do most with all of them.

Thank you for your trust! They threaten to return and for us and our crew it will be a pleasure to welcome them again to explore together the treasures of the depths of the Red Sea, until next time friends.
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