Red Sea Diving Rental Equipment

The prices shown here are indicative and based on the rental rates provided by the Bella 1 fleet.

All these services must be confirmed in advance with the agency and payment is made at destination at the end of the week, in cash **

Kit Snorkel KIT SNORKEL (MASK & SNORKEL))  25 € 10 €
Aletas FINS  25 €  10 €
Neopreno NEOPRENE 5MM  35 €  10 €
Regulador REGULATOR  50 €  20 €
Jacket BCD  45 € 15 €
Linterna TORCH  25 €  10 €
Ordenador de Buceo DIVING COMPUTER  30 € 10 €
Boya de Seguridad SMB
15 €
5 €
FULL EQUIPMENT  150 € 40 €

* The rental of complete equipment does not include: diving computer, flashlight or diving spotlight.
** Once the rental material has been requested, the request will be sent to the boat. Changes can be made up to 72 hours before the start of the trip. If items are requested after this deadline, we will not be able to guarantee their availability on board.

The loss or damage of the rental material will imply the payment of a penalty. These prices vary depending on the boat and will be informed to the client along with the final trip documentation. Each client is solely responsible for the correct use of the rental material and equipment.

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