This week we had the opportunity to carry out a different route, as requested by the group of friends who accompanied us.

It was a privilege to dive alone into Dahab's world famous Blue Hole, jumping from The Bells. Although the famous Canyon was quite crowded, people were still able to contemplate the spectacular plays of lights that form inside. In addition, we explored the Straits of Tiran, the imposing Million Hope, and the always hypnotic Ras Mohammed National Park, where we saw everything: sharks, turtles, bat fish, among others.

It is always difficult to summarize a week, and even more so when the best is no longer underwater, but outside of it. The group of young people on board enjoyed every last second of their trip, sunbathing, jumping and performing impossible pirouettes, as well as dancing and singing until they were exhausted every day.

It was a luxury to share this week with such a lovely group of people.
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