An incredible week enjoying the reefs in the northern part of the Red Sea with friends from Valencia, Catalonia and Galicia who made the experience memorable!

We marveled at the coral gardens of the Strait of Tiran during our dives at Thomas, Jackson, Woodhouse and Gordon Reef, lucky enough to encounter a hammerhead shark and a curious whitetip reef shark. We also explored the best points of the Ras Mohammed National Park, where the turtles were the stars and were seen in all the dives.

We immerse ourselves in the history of the wrecks: Dunraven, Kingston and the S.S. Thistlegorm, the group's favorite, as we were able to enjoy the wreck up to three times, including a night dive. Additionally, we were lucky to have crystal clear visibility on two of the dives, which is rare in that area.

We cannot describe in words the excitement we felt when meeting the dolphins this week. We went crazy when we met a family of around 20 specimens.

Some of our friends have decided to extend their stay in Sharm el Sheikh to learn a little more about the Bedouin culture, while others are in Istanbul enjoying the beauties of its old town.

The group has left wanting more, so much so that many already have the date marked on the calendar for 2024!
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