We are back after a magnificent week in which the blue has given us some very top moments, with very technical dives!

Without a doubt, our clients and friends, beyond coming with us to see the Red Sea and what its waters hide; They come to rest, disconnect from the routine and above all, have a good time!

We have managed to surprise novices and veterans with several trips to the Red Sea behind them, such as the guys from El Cortijo Subácuatico captained by Franjo with exciting and unknown dives for them, such as the interior of the Million Hope.
Our guys from Madrid and Andalusia were amazed by how beautiful the reefs were in the Strait of Tiran and Ras Mohammed, where we were also able to enjoy sharks.

The finishing touch has been the dolphins, especially playful for this time of year, since the water temperatures are still high despite it being already in November.

In a few hours we receive the next group from Madrid & Barcelona. Ready for the adventure?
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