We have spent an incredible week full of adventures diving on the wrecks, those valuable fragments of history that have been scattered over time among the impressive reefs of the Red Sea.

We have been accompanied by a group of friends from Barcelona, ​​the Canary Islands, Madrid and Gerona. We have all greatly enjoyed the wonders that the Red Sea has to offer, from the vibrant reefs to the fascinating schools of fish in Ras Mohammed National Park. In addition, we have had the fortunate opportunity to swim among dolphins and visit the lunar landscape that Gubal Island offers us.

We have also celebrated Halloween night, filling our boat with supernatural beings and enjoying a terrifyingly delicious dinner together.

Some of our friends have decided to continue their adventure to take advantage of a few more days and explore the majestic Mount Sinai up close and will end up immersing themselves in the relaxing atmosphere of Dahab.
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