Incredible week of diving and laughter. Our dear friends from the Avisub group are visiting us again, people from Catalonia, Teruel, Galicia... and even people from the north like Switzerland and Norway!!! The weather has been with us throughout the week, having the opportunity to dive in the Thistlegorm in amazing conditions of visibility and no current. Our friends the dolphins have delighted everyone during our usual snorkeling we were able to enjoy with them throughout the afternoon and then they also surprised us diving!!!!
The Ras Mohammed National Park was incredible and we have been able to dive practically alone in all the dives we have done in its different points. And what can we say about the Strait of Tiran... We had the sea like a raft of oil which allowed us to start with a spectacular dive in the Million Hope. Jackson, Thomas and Gordon Reef have given us dives full of color and surprising sightings such as being able to dive with a leatherback turtle.

The talks, laughter and moments of complicity that we have shared with everyone during the week make each trip unique. Everything has gone as planned and we say goodbye to this group that we already feel like part of our family.
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