A super full week aboard the Bella 1 that has given a lot of effort! Our friends from L’Amfora in Tossa de Mar have joined the NextGen family to dive in the best points of the Northern Route of the Red Sea: Ras Mohammed National Park and the Dunraven, Kingston and SS. Thistlegorm wrecks with a special mention to the nocturnal one in Alternatives where we were lucky enough to come across different turtles during the dive.

The reefs of the Strait of Tiran have given us the opportunity to enjoy several dives accompanied by whitetip reef sharks. We have been able to surprise our repeater friends with a dive in the enormous Million Hope from which they have been amazed.

But, one of the strong points of this week has once again been our beloved dolphins. We have been able to spend a lot of time with them. Playful, cheeky, adorable... all accompanied by a movie sunset as we returned to the boat.

Thanks to this group, for the moments in and especially out of the water. You are great!

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