The long-awaited day has finally arrived and, after an incredible renovation of our Bella 1 boat, we have made a grand debut.

After the check dive we headed to the Gubal Strait, where we enjoyed incredible weather that allowed us to dive in the Kingston with calm seas, to later depart for the SS Thistlegorm.

Diving on the SS Thistlegorm is always magical, but if you're also without any other boat around, it's already epic. In the afternoon, the dolphins gave us one of the most amazing and emotional days we have had in years, and that is saying a lot.

The return to the Ras Mohammed National Park was incredible: schools of snappers, napoleons of colossal dimensions, bat fish... and just the right current so that all the corals were completely open.

We finish the week in the Strait of Tiran, where the large amount of life leaves even the most expert diver with their mouths open with its multicolored reefs.

But all this would not have been possible without the true protagonists: you, those of you who have come here to enjoy this week, and those of you who have been following us on social networks, expectant of all the news that we have prepared for this season that looks amazing. . Thanks to everyone!
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