It has been an Easter Week full of emotions and unforgettable moments in the depths of the Red Sea. We boarded our boat again to dive with colleagues from all over Spain, sailing through the waters of the Red Sea discovering wrecks and reefs in the northern area.

We had the incredible opportunity to dive into the best diving spots in the Strait of Tiran, Ras Mohammed National Park and the local area of ​​Sharm el Sheikh. We explore the legendary and fascinating SS. Thistlegorm, considered the best sunken ship in the world, and we marvel at the treasures hidden inside and the amount of life that surrounds the wreck.

We discovered reefs full of life, where we dived among colorful fish, we encountered numerous turtles and rays, and we were even lucky enough to see up to six whitetip sharks in their nursery. The most exciting thing was swimming in the company of free dolphins, an experience that will undoubtedly remain engraved in our memories forever. 

Now we prepare for our next adventure with Miguel Lozano, who will accompany us to immerse ourselves in the fascinating world of freediving. It will be a new and enriching experience that we are eager to begin.
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