We're back! This week our cruise has been led by the entire Nextgen Diving Travel team, something very significant for us since we have been able to share great moments of closeness with all our divers.

The week exploring the reefs of the northern area has given a lot, the group of photographers led by Rafa Cosme has enjoyed dives 100% adapted for them like children. Between diving in Ras Mohammed, the Strait of Tiran and Thistlegorm we have learned the mysteries of the photosub world with a very complete course that has borne fruit.

Ingrid Riera from Letsdivemag magazine has also accompanied us on these days.

It has been a pleasure to have your great travel experience and we have shared dives that will remain in everyone's memory. There have been no shortage of surprises! Like the visit of a curious longimanus shark in Tiran that we were all able to see while it acted as a model for us and posed in front of our cameras or the encounter with different specimens of giant Loggerhead Turtle during the dives.
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