A few days of Nextgen & Family that leave us with great moments and fun to remember.
Snorkeling and diving sessions until dawn touring the reefs of the Ras Mohammed Marine Park, the SS. Thistlegorm, the Strait of Tiran and the Million Hope wreck surrounded at all times by dolphins, turtles, rays, whitetip sharks, barracudas...
As it could not be otherwise, Mark took the opportunity to provide SSI training with our little ones on board. Training new generations so that they learn to know, protect and love the sea, as much or more than we do.
And the finishing touch to these special days have been the fun nights with the salsa classes that our Canarian friends gave us and that more than one of you have been able to follow live through our Instagram.
Thanks friends! What a great group, the best of all is being able to share our way of being and this paradise with you!
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