This week aboard the Brina our friends from Catalonia and Mallorca came to the warmth of the Red Sea.
The time has allowed us to enjoy the super calm and relaxed Classic Northern Route dives in which there have been no shortage of turtles, rays and even our tireless dolphins who, like every week, came to their weekly appointment with NextGen.
We were in the Ras Mohammed National Park, the SS. Thistlegorm, the reefs of the Strait of Tiran and Small Crack, where we were able to enjoy the company of a shy family of humpback dolphins, which are rare to see and much rarer to be able to snorkel with them.
After our return to port we are ready for our last outing of the year with an end to the season in style doing the North & Brothers Route, the best of the best! Will we close the season among sharks?
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