Back in the port of Sharm el Sheikh after an unforgettable week. And winters in the Red Sea are a real joy; The sea has been absolutely calm throughout the week and has allowed us to do some of the most relaxing diving.

We have enjoyed a week of diving in which we have practically been alone. The Ras Mohammed National Park and the Strait of Tiran gave us several spectacular dives, where we saw turtles, rays and all kinds of reef fish. The SS. Thistlegorm welcomed us with three dives with no current and visibility of ten.

We also had a surprising encounter with humpback dolphins, after leaving one of our favorite dives, Small Crack. Although they always seem a little shy, we were all able to enjoy their company.

But as always, the best thing about the week has been being able to share it with this varied group, where from the first moment, the spark flew and a group of good vibes and fun was formed.

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