From the Strait of Tiran, we say goodbye to this season with a group of friends who have come to celebrate these holidays with us. A great group with which we have formed an amazing group.

We had the opportunity to dive in the most beautiful dives on the Northern Route of the Red Sea, such as Ras Mohammed, the SS. Thistlegorm and the reefs of the Strait of Tiran, where we could see turtles, dolphins and even sharks. Furthermore, we enjoyed wonderful weather, with the water temperature hovering around a pleasant 25 degrees. Best of all, we had the comfort of always diving alone!

The guys from Scubalegre and Unisub Hospitalet came eager to have fun, and boy did they achieve it! We had a gala dinner to say goodbye to the year where the chef and crew made sure we didn't miss anything, and we had a great time.
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