We return from a very special week, full of exciting moments. We dive in the Ras Mohammed National Park. We explored the impressive reefs of the Strait of Tiran and had the privilege of diving alongside dolphins, sharks, turtles and rays. There was no shortage of wreck dives, such as the SS. Thistlegorm, the Dunraven or the Million Hope.

One of the most exciting moments of the week was the first SSI diving try out with the little ones on board. It is an honor to witness how they place their trust in us and to be able to live that special experience together. Without a doubt, it is something that we will not forget either.

During the week, we have also had the company of VĂ­ctor, a true example of improvement and love for life. Despite his disability, he doesn't let anything stop him. Our team was in charge of adapting the dives so that you could enjoy each one to the fullest.

It fills us with excitement to know that you are leaving with your eyes set on your next visit. We want to thank you for this unforgettable week, in which the best thing, as always, has been enjoying your company.

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