Week full of emotions and reunions with the company of a group of Valencians, Madrid residents, Catalans and Alicante residents, among others.

We started the week in style with encounters with Eagle Rays, whitetip sharks and even a Guitar Shark, a species that is difficult to see in our reefs.

We have enjoyed the reefs of the Strait of Tiran, in which the multiple encounters with different turtles were the main course. The weather was on our side and we were able to return, for another week, to the Million Hope wreck. The Ras Mohammed National Park is bursting with life this August, giving us spectacular dives.

Our favorite wreck could not be missing, the SS. Thistlegorm, which gave us three dives completely alone without current and incredible visibility. Furthermore, like every week, the dolphins did not forget to keep their appointment.

What will our next adventure hold for us, visiting the best shipwrecks of the Egyptian Red Sea?
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