That week! What a week we've had! Once again, we have had an incredible experience with diving, and this week the wind has allowed us to do everything. We have enjoyed it like never before!

We started the week by visiting the Abu Dabab reefs on our first day, and then headed towards Daedalus.
On Daedalus, we marvel at the nearby presence of the Longimanus. They have been very present and very close to us. We have had the opportunity to capture incredible photos and videos. It was simply amazing.

At Elphinstone and Brothers, we continued to enjoy the company of Longimanus and thresher sharks, very close to us! Furthermore, its walls were completely colonized by all types of corals and colors.

The highlight of the week was on the Numidia, where the crystal clear water allowed us to see practically the entire wreck from the surface.
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