We started this season with a dream week, where we did not lack anything. 
From the endless coral walls in Ras Mohammed, to the 3 dives in the SS. Thistlegorm with night included, to the always so special Million Hope wreck…
The kids who have accompanied us this week from Barcelona, ​​Madrid and Andalusia have enjoyed the Red Sea in all its splendor, with great sea conditions, diving alone in the main diving points and with the sea like a raft of oil.
Highlighting how special it has been to see up to 3 baby whitetip sharks together, which gives us an idea of ​​how healthy our reefs are.
But the most special thing has been the connection created between our adventure companions, a group that arrived on our boat, the Bella 2 without barely knowing each other and has formed a true bond. We say to all of you, see you soon!
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