Awesome cruise we've had, AWESOME!!! Our friend Franjo asked us to come to the Maldives at this time, and it was a total success.

We left the port quickly to start strong with a night dive with manta rays from another planet. They were dancing in front of us until more than 1 in the morning!! We have seen everything...grey reef sharks, whitetips, whale sharks, nurse sharks, spinners (incredible, what a great shark)... And fish of all shapes and colors imaginable.

We have dived alone, we have sunbathed, we have snorkeled at night with wet nurses and manta rays…. But the best of all the laughter, the incredible games to liven up the evenings by Karol and Pedro and the talks over drinks until the early hours of the morning.

A thousand thanks to everyone for all the moments lived. The Nextgen team returns to the Maldives at Easter again with Submaldives, and our dear Franjo is already looking at dates for this coming summer, so stay tuned!
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