Maldives never disappoints. It is a trip with magic and encounters in each of its dives and dream beaches where you can get lost. 

We started the week strong with a night dive where the stars were the nurse sharks and the manta rays, a unique spectacle. We continued with one of the best dives of the week, the cleaning station was full of mantas in the process of cleaning and courtship. 

We continued the week visiting thilas, channels and different reefs where we were able to contemplate everything that this destination can offer. Countless nurse sharks, spinners, tiger sharks and, to top it off, the star appearance of a huge giant hammerhead shark. 

Laughter, dinner, and partying on the beach were some of the surface moments we were able to share, along with a visit to a local island and a final afternoon of shopping and visiting the capital to integrate with the country's culture.

Newly arrived and already counting the days to return with the next group in December to this wonderful country.
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