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The indicated price is based on the rates for the year 2024 and is merely informative, it will be recalculated once we have the new rates for the 2025 season.

A trip designed for all audiences. Despite the notable differences between the modalities of freediving and diving, both share a series of fundamental aspects.

During this week, freedivers will have the opportunity to perfect their technique and reach greater depths under the expert direction of Miguel Lozano, one of the most prominent freedivers in the world. At the same time, divers will also be able to benefit from the experience, acquiring techniques to optimize their efficiency, reduce air consumption, as well as manage stressful or life-threatening situations.

Throughout a week-long cruise on the Red Sea, we will combine advanced freediving theory and practice sessions with recreational diving dives at the highlights of the northern route.

Every day, on board the boat and in a comfortable environment, theoretical freediving sessions will be carried out, ranging from the introduction to freediving to advanced techniques, focusing on different aspects such as breathing, compensation, fluttering, relaxation. , passive freediving diving, lung flexibility, safety and rescue techniques. In addition, guided sessions of specific stretches will be carried out to improve diaphragmatic, intercostal and pulmonary flexibility.

Approximately four dives will be carried out daily, combining buoy and rope training to work on technical aspects, with dives aimed at enjoying and exploring marine life, both in freediving and diving, according to the preferences of the participants.

The planning of these sessions will be carried out jointly with the Nextgen Diving Travel team and Miguel Lozano, with the aim of offering the best possible experience.

Photos courtesy of Marc Giménez.

Included in the price:

  • Transfers between the airport - boat - airport.
  • 7 nights aboard the Bella in a shared double cabin.
  • Full board on board including water, soft drinks, tea and coffee.
  • Approximately 18/20 dives (3 day and one night).
  • Marc and/or Vito as multilingual speaking diving guides.
  • Wi-fi on board (depending on area coverage).

Not included in the price:

  • Plane Tickets.
  • Travel Insurance.
  • Entry visa to Egypt and assistance at the airport: €28.
  • Marine Park and hyperbaric chamber fees: €70
  • Fuel supplement: €65 (to be reconfirmed with the final payment).
  • Nitrox: €50 (payment at destination in cash).
  • Service TAX: 80€ (payment at destination in cash).
  • Diving Insurance.
  • Any service not indicated in “the price includes”.


Arrival in Sharm el Sheikh, assistance at the airport by our representative, delivery of the visa, transfer and boarding aboard our Bella fleet. After boarding, briefing with basic safety rules and distribution of cabins. Night on board in the port to begin navigation on Sunday morning.
From Sunday to Friday
Days dedicated to diving in the most important points of the Red Sea. Between 3 and 4 dives are carried out daily, except for the first and last day with an approximate total of between 18 and 20 dives.

Some of the diving spots to highlight are:
  • Anemone City
  • Shark & Yolanda Reef
  • Jackfish Alley
  • Ras Za’atar
  • Dunraven
  • Thistlegorm
  • Kingston
  • Jackson Reef
  • Thomas Reef
  • WoodHouse Reef
  • Gordon Reef
  • Ras Umm Sid
  • Among others…
Arrival at the port in the middle of the afternoon with free time to get to know the city and shop. At the agreed time and depending on the flights, pick-up at the boat and transfer to the airport. End of trip and our services.
The described route may undergo changes due to weather effects, sea state and decisions of the captain or port authorities.
Our priority will always be safety on board.
prices have been calculated based on the exchange rates, transportation rates, fuel costs and fees and taxes applicable on this date.
The variation in the price of the aforementioned elements may give rise to the revision of the final price of the trip.
Due to local regulations, 
your diving qualification will set both the maximum depth limit and the type of dives you can do.
To be able to do all the dives you will need an advanced diver qualification or similar. Check out our onboard courses.
Shark & Yolanda Reef
Ghiannis D
Considered by many world-class divers and photographers as one of the best dives in the world, we start from Anemone City where dozens of large anemones with their families of clownfish make the name of this dive make sense. The passage between the reefs crossing the blue with an infinite background creates an impressive contrast when reaching the wall of multicolored corals of Shark Reef, where schools of different fish will mark the way to Yolanda Reef, where the remains of their cargo They mix with endless colorful fish and corals. An incredible dive.
Over the years, the Abu Nuhas reef has caused real havoc to those who ventured to sail the seas near it during storms. An authentic cemetery of shipwrecks where we find some of the most famous of the Red Sea. The Ghiannis D was no exception. The most recent of the Abu Nuhas wrecks gives us the opportunity to enter one of the most famous and photographed engine rooms, as well as have the possibility of receiving a visit from the most curious family of dolphins in the area, forcing us to many times thanks to his kindness we forget about such a spectacular wreck.
The oldest wreck of Abu Nuhas, a true myth in the Red Sea. The passing of the years has taken its toll on its hull, but it has served it as well as the wine it transported, turning its wooden hull into a garden of soft coral and life that is practically impossible to find on any other wreck. Its depth at a maximum of 27 meters, and its easy navigation, guarantees a pleasant, long dive, and the setting for videos and photographs that will be recorded in your mind.
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