Diving Courses Onboard

Discover our SSI Diving Courses on board in the Red Sea or Maldives! The minimum level to dive on our cruises is Open Water Diver or similar, Nitrox for divers who wish to use it, for greater safety and enjoyment of your dives we recommend having the level of Advanced Open Water Diver or similar. If you are interested in acquiring this experience on board, both the Red Sea and the Maldives offer ideal characteristics to take courses such as Nitrox or Advanced and continue your training and take customized diving courses with us.

Since the boat is our own diving center, you will have a lot of free time to continue enjoying your vacation. On board we will spend the afternoons reviewing the theory and clearing up any doubts you may have and during the dives we will easily do the practices in the water.

Discover the next level of diving!

Our courses onboard:

Continue your training with us:

Special Marine Ecology courses:

All our onboard courses include digital kit and certification (they do not include diving equipment except for Open Water Diver).
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