Victoria Giménez



Vito has a restless and perfectionist mind, with a somewhat geeky streak and in love with the sea and nature to the core. She has the gift of transmitting her passion and enthusiasm for what she does to everyone around her. 15 years ago, she decided to leave behind her life as a nurse in a top-level hospital in Barcelona and fulfill her dream with Mark in what would be... The greatest adventure of their lives! They began a new stage together in the coastal town of Sharm el Sheikh, located on the Sinai Peninsula. He arrived at the Egyptian Red Sea, where from the first moment he felt at home. After her first dives in some of the most emblematic diving spots on the planet, she was captivated by the explosion of colors, marine life and clarity of its waters. She began her professional career in the world of diving in the Red Sea as a professional videographer on liveaboard cruises, where, over the years, she gained experience until she became a destination diving guide and became the great professional that he is today.

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