Mark Martínez


OPERATIONS MANAGER & cruise director

Always with a smile and an innate know-how, Mark has turned his passion for the sea and diving into his lifestyle. A diver since childhood and determined from a young age, he began his career in L'Estartit and soon decided to move to Egypt before turning 20. Upon arrival, she quickly integrated into cruise ship life, and has continued to do so to this day. Lover of the sea and passionate about any activity related to this environment, whether recreational, technical, rebreather or apnea diving... and, above all, taking photographs of Vito underwater. With Mark, you can spend hours listening and sharing adventures (almost 20 years in Egypt gives us many anecdotes), answering questions about the world of diving (he is a fan of all types of diving equipment), and, above all, laughing together, since making people enjoy themselves is Mark's great passion. In addition to diving, Mark is a lover of nature and all kinds of sports. Actively collaborate with local organizations in the conservation and awareness of the sustainability and protection of the Red Sea and other seas.

His social medias:
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