Manuel Gálvez



Manuel is passionate about the underwater world, plants and photography, both in and out of the water. From a very young age and as a good aquarist, he has had a special connection with the sea, the same one that introduced him from an early age into the world of marine aquariums, awakening in him the desire to be able to enjoy those beings that he admired in their natural habitats. A diver since 2010 and always with a camera in hand, he has visited some of the most world-famous places in terms of diving, such as the Red Sea, Maldives, Indonesia and the Philippines. Communication runs through his veins, and a few years ago he wanted to leave behind his position as head of social media at a well-known European fashion multinational to undertake a new project in which he was able to convert all those things that made him feel alive into his work. Since then, he lives to fulfill the dreams of those who, like him, seek to discover the wonders of the underwater world around the world, and together with NEXTGEN Diving Travel he feels like family.

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